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Probiotic Derived Surfactants

A breakthrough sustainable chemistry technology platform by Proklean Technologies Pvt. Ltd. for a variety of industries including Textile, Leather, Hospitality, Waste Management and Paper.

Proklean Technologies Pvt. Ltd., is a company based out of Chennai, India, established in the year 2009. It is in the business of chemical replacement products for a variety of industries including Textile, Leather, Hospitality, Waste Management and Paper. The products are readily biodegradable and based on a unique Formulation developed by Proklean Technologies.

The company now produces multiple products in each of the industry segment, which replace the existing chemicals being used for various processes. These products are not only non-toxic, but are more effective than the current chemicals, in most applications where these are now used. Being microbial in nature, in contrast to the more expensive plant origin products, these products are very competitively priced and very versatile.

The Proklean range of formulations is manufactured in India using the Mother Cultures through a unique combination of fermentation and formulation technologies developed by the R&D division of Proklean Technologies Pvt. Ltd. This is the first ever such technology developed any where in the world. The IP has been licensed to SCD for use in U.S.A. under a Derivatives Agreement.

Dr. S.S. Pillai
Dr. S.S. PillaiCEO
Dr. S. S. Pillai has Ph.D. in Biochemistry with over 30 years of experience across many industries. His last job was as the CEO of SCD Probiotics, U.S.A. Prior to that he was the Chief Executive of the Bio-products business of E.I.D.Parry (India) Ltd. He has managed businesses and turned around loss making businesses to profitability. His forte is in converting laboratory research in to commercial products and taking them to market successfully.
Chandrasekar B
Chandrasekar BDirector
B. Chandrasekhar is an Engineer and MBA (IIM Ahmedabad) and has worked in companies like Chennai Petroleum Corporation and Hindustan Unilever, before becoming an entrepreneur. He has built businesses from scratch and groomed them into well managed operations. His forte is HR, systems and Operations Management.
Vishwadeep Kuila
Vishwadeep KuilaDirector
Vishwadeep Kuila is an Engineer and MBA (IIM Ahmedabad – 1989) and has more than 21 years of experience primarily in the field of FMCG Marketing. He started his career in advertising and moved over to sales and marketing. He has worked with BBDO, Lintas and Mudra Communications, Reynolds (G M Pens) and Oriental Cuisines. Before turning to entrepreneurship, he was President of Reynolds and then CEO of Oriental Cuisines. He has recently established an outsourced CMO company called Brand Vectors and has clients across the country spanning various industries. His forte is Marketing, Advertising and Media and Market Research.

Proklean technologies has received investment from The Chennai Angels (TCA) in the month of March 2012. TCA is actively involved in guiding the promoter team in the business.

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