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The organizing principle for industrial sustainability is sustainable development, which includes the four interconnected domains: ecology, economics, process and safety.

Proklean Technologies P Ltd., is globally the first company to harness the power of probiotics towards industrial sustainability and developed powerful bio-degradable surfactants for application in diverse industries.  Using a unique proprietary manufacturing process that requires minimum power and generates nearly no effluents, Proklean has developed a range of products for leather, textile, paper and other industries with some compelling value adds.

In the case of textile industry, ProAvita offers sustainable products right from pre-treatment through dyeing to finishing to garmenting.  The stand-out  and sustainable features of these products are:

  • Readily bio-degradable
  • Conform and exceed the most stringent industry standards for safety and hazards
  • Reduction in effluent load from 30 to 60 % (depending on application)
  • Applicable over wide pH and temperature range
  • Reduced water and energy consumption (upto 30 %)
  • Top quality end products