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Probiotic Derived Surfactants

A breakthrough sustainable chemistry technology platform by Proklean Technologies Pvt. Ltd. for a variety of industries including Textile, Leather, Hospitality, Waste Management and Paper.

Probiotics is pathbreaking technology that enables unmatched processing results across various industries with no impact on environment.

  • Unique and proprietary low cost fermentation process carried out at ambient conditions
    • No effluent output and low carbon footprint
    • Modular manufacturing process, easy to scale-up
  • Combined chemistry of the output biochemicals exhibit surfactant like properties
  • Output formulations are non-toxic and bio-degradable surfactants

Probiotics are made up of a group of powerful but beneficial microorganisms that are amenable to a wide range of end uses. The core of these products is a unique Probiotic Mother Culture which is “Certified Organic”, non-toxic and non-hazardous.

This Mother Culture, along with select raw materials and catalysts undergoes a proprietary fermentation process. This process of fermentation, which is done under controlled conditions, results in release of certain metabolites which are a mixture of bio-chemicals and surfactants. By varying the type of catalysts and proportion of ingredients, Proklean has developed this cutting edge patented technology for a wide variety of applications across several industries such as Textiles, Leather, Paper & Pulp, Waste management (ETP & STP solutions) and Hospitality (cleaning products). It is well known that organic raw materials under controlled conditions which may or may not include a fermentation process, results in production of surfactants and organic chemicals.