about us

Promoting green and healthy living

Proklean Technologies was born out of the passion of the founders towards green living and pollution free environment. Started in the year 2012, the founders began the journey with a single minded purpose of reducing pollution around them. They used a unique technology of harnessing the power of probiotic microorganisms to produce industrial and household products that replace harmful chemicals used in the industries today. The experience of the founders in the areas of biochemistry, probiotics and application research helped them quickly understand the potential of these tiny single celled organisms and soon the company was making chemical replacement products for leather, textile and hospitality industry. It further added products for the paper and pulp industry and launched its consumer products in the year 2020.

All the consumer products are probiotic technology based or bio based, which are 100% biodegradable and non-toxic. These are thus safe for not only the users but also for babies, pets and most importantly the environment. The unique technology ensures that all the consumer products are better in performance compared to its chemical counterparts, besides being green.

Our Vision – To do our bit in making the world a better place by consistently delivering innovative products that help users conserve critical natural resources and reduce pollution while saving costs.

Industrial Products

Proklean’s industrial products save millions of litres of water annually, besides saving substantial energy and reducing pollution. These products are sold globally for their high performance and non-toxic and biodegradable nature. Currently the company sells products for Textile Processing, Leather Processing, Paper and Pulp Processing and for Hospitality Industry.

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proklean so far has saved

Water: 3343 million litres

Energy: 48.6 Gwh

Chemicals consumption reduced: 7800 MT