At Proklean, we believe in sustainable science- to provide holistic solutions that are cost-effective, aid in conserving critical natural resources as well as reduce pollution in the long run.


To do our bit in making the world a better place by consistently delivering innovative products that help users conserve critical natural resources and reduce pollution while saving costs


Become the most successful sustainable chemistry-based specialty solutions company globally, admired for its innovative and differentiated products and solutions that contribute to a better and sustainable world


  • Care for the Ecology in everything we do
  • Integrity as basis for any relationship
  • Focus on Consumer is fundamental to our success
  • Constant Sustainable Innovation spirit
  • Always strive for High Performance & Excellence
  • Respect for people and their development is core to sustain our growth
  • Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

Proklean Technologies is a company based out of Chennai, India, established in the year 2012. It was founded to explore industrial applications using probiotics with a core intent of contributing to making the world a better place by reducing pollution and conserving natural resources.

Proklean has taken a license from SCD Probiotics, USA for the use of it’s probiotic mother cultures.  Proklean has developed a proprietary technology using a unique combination of Probiotics with fermentation and formulation methods. This is the first ever such technology developed any where in the world that has far reaching potential across several industry platforms.

Proklean has licensed it’s products to SCD Probiotics, USA and Proviera Biotech, USA (affiliate of SCD Probiotics, USA) for manufacture and sales in some markets globally.

The products have proven to show performance in Textile (ProAvita), Leather (Proviera), Hospitality & Waste Management (ProKlean) and Paper (ProCharta) equal to or better than the chemical alternatives while saving natural resources and reducing pollution.

Proklean is a ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 45001 certified company and the products are registered on Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) Gateway and are Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS 5.0), OEKO-TEX Eco Passport and REACH compliant.

Know more about SCD  |  Know more about Proviera

Founders – 100+ years of collective experience

Dr. Sivaram Pillai
Dr. Sivaram PillaiR&D
Chandrasekar B
Chandrasekar BOperations, New Product Evangelisation
Vishwadeep Kuila
Vishwadeep KuilaSales & Marketing, Strategic Relationships

Professional Management Team

Karthikeyan K.S
Karthikeyan K.SChief Executive Officer
Karun Tyagi
Karun TyagiBU Head - Textile
Manish Petkar
Manish PetkarHead R&D, QC
Alok Goel
Alok GoelCOO
Radhika B S
Radhika B SBU Head - Pulp & Paper
Ramnath A.
Ramnath A.VP - Operations

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Set-up by IIMA’s Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship Infuse Ventures is a sustainability and energy focussed early-stage and incubation fund supporting entrepreneurs across renewables, resource efficiency and other sustainability domains. Infuse Ventures is backed by Government of India’s Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) and Technology Development Board, IFC, BP, Godrej Industries, ICICI Bank, SIDBI, Bank of India and Union Bank. CIIE also operates India’s only cleantech focussed accelerator and has also recently grant-seeded several startups in the cleantech sector. For further information, visit:

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Independent Directors

Dr. Raman Ramachandra
Dr. Raman Ramachandra
A.Satish Kumar
A.Satish Kumar

Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. C. V. Natraj
Dr. C. V. Natraj
Dr. Sukumar Devotta
Dr. Sukumar Devotta
Dr. Sumant Chengappa
Dr. Sumant Chengappa
Dr. L. Ramakrishnan
Dr. L. Ramakrishnan