If you are worried about her, you should be worried about the toxic chemicals that go into regular floor cleaners.

Is your baby crawling over a bed of toxic chemicals without your knowledge ? Time to give it a thought… or just shift to DeepImpact. Popular floor cleaners with harsh chemicals put your health at risk with toxic residues in your home. DeepImpact is a unique floor cleaner and sanitiser made using our patented Probiotic technology. It’s unique Germ Guard Technology not just cleans, it also sanitises. Also, being readily biodegradable, it is planet friendly !

Now let your kids can crawl on the floor to their heart’s content.

DeepImpact is unmatched in cleaning compared to any other cleaner as it ::

  • Does not just Clean Dirt and Grime, it kills Germs too!
  • Delays Re-deposition of dirt, keeping your home Clean and Shining
  • Not just Suppresses Odor with perfume, it Neutralises the source of odor to make your home Fragrant and Fresh
  • Is also Gentle on the surfaces Improving the Life of your valuable home, as it does not contain harsh chemicals

Suitable for all surfaces like floor, metal, fixtures etc. Also suitable for bathroom floors.

Infant & Pet Safe
No harmful residue
powerful cleaning
skin friendly
eco-friendly, non-toxic
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I have been using Proklean’s liquid detergent Profab and floor cleaner DeepImpact. Both are very effective, which is surprising given that the products have no harsh chemicals in them. In fact, the floor cleaner has made my floor look shiny within a week of starting usage. I am very happy with both the products.

V Bhandarkar - Mumbai

We found this product to be an excellent one. We have marble flooring in our house. Most of the floor cleaning products cannot be used for this flooring. Additionally, they harm the environment. An effective alternative is soap-nut solution. Unfortunately washing the floor with a soap-nut solution is time-consuming and tedious, and could be used once in a while. Recently we started trying products of organic origin, which will have zero or less impact on the environment. Of all, Proklean Deepimpact is quite superior and effective. The odour is mild and nice. The marble floor looks much bright and better. No adverse impact of this product on the marble floor is noticed. Overall, it is a great product.


Wonderful ecofriendly and nontoxic product. We started using this floor cleaner from last week and we found lot of difference in shining and cleanliness of the floor. Even our maid also feel it’s cleans better with a nice fragrance than the old product. Very unique product in the market.

Suresha Parameshwarappa

Nice fragrance. The product is not detergent base. No slippery feel. Not foamy. Removes the dirt simply. As this is exo friendly, no fear to kids & babies even if they crawl on floors. Please use this and feel happy.

Pradeep S Mantagi

Nice product! It cleans the floor thoroughly. We have noticed this to be a better option compared to the other off the shelf brands. It leaves a pleasant smell after use!

Sriram Govindarajan

I recommend buying this product. Reasonable pricing, cleans better than a chemical based floor cleaner and smells great! Packaging can be improved.


A safe and eco-friendly cleaner, works well. Recommended for use!


Excellent product with safe to environment and naturally cleansing the floor. No smell or punching perfume. Recommend for all those who want to clean floor without any chemicals.