This festive season, gift a ‘Better Future’!

A gift that is not just relevant but also one that cares for the environment – a combi pack of eco-friendly Fabric Detergent and Floor Cleaner that are bio-based – safe and hygienic for the user and good for the environment.

The gift pack contains one each of ProFab & DeepImpact (500ml)

Proklean ProFab

Eco-friendly Fabric Detergent & Sanitiser

ProFab does much more than the popular detergents. It:

  • Cleans even stubborn stains, dirt and even food stains
  • Eliminates odour with its strong deodorising action
  • Makes clothes softer without the need of a conditioner
  • Leaves a fresh and lasting fragrance on clothes
  • Sanitises your clothes to keep you safe from germs and viruses
  • Is suitable for both cotton and synthetic fabrics. Suitable for washing machine (top load and front load) and manual wash
Proklean DeepImpact

Probiotic Floor Cleaner & Sanitiser

DeepImpact is unmatched in cleaning as it :

  • Does not just clean dirt or germs, it kills them
  • Delays re-deposition of dirt, keeping your home clean and shining for a longer time
  • Not just suppresses odour with perfume, it destroys the source of odour to make your home fragrant and fresh.
  • Is also gentle on the surfaces improving the life of your valuable home, as it does not contain harsh chemicals
  • Suitable for all surfaces such as floor, metal, fixtures etc. Also suitable for bathroom floors
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