Clean painful kitchen degreasing with just a spray! And in a natural way!

Is cleaning grease of your kitchen equipment becoming a nightmare? Do you have to spend hours and hours trying to clean but still does not happen? Do you call specialised help to get rid of that grease? Now all that is a thing of the past. With GreaseOut, you can just spray, wait and wipe to clear all the grease that you can find. Also since it is not made with harmful chemicals, it is gentle on not only your hands but also your equipment. Now go ahead and clean to your heart’s content!

GreaseOut is unmatched in cleaning than any other cleaner as it:

  • Bio-based Kitchen Degreaser
  • Fast, streak-free formula – sparkles the surface
  • Cuts stubborn grease and dirt. Leaves no oily residue – reduces re-soiling
  • Works on kitchen appliances, counter-tops and chimneys
  • Readily bio-degradable and ecofriendly

Suitable for all kitchen and other equipment that have steel / iron surfaces.

Infant & Pet Safe
No harmful residue
powerful cleaning
skin friendly
eco-friendly, non-toxic
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