70% of all blockages are due to lumping of fats & oils in drain pipes. Regular dosing of ProKlean products keeps the pipes flowing freely, keeping the kitchen staff stress free.

ProKlean GreaseAway – a revolutionary new way to clear out blocked drain. It’s hygienic, non-toxic chemical free and 100% eco-friendly.GreaseAway is also safe to handle without any protective equipment. Advantages of ProKlean GreaseAway:

  • Totally Hygienic: Proklean Greasolve suppresses pathogens and other harmful bacteria resulting in a hygienic kitchen.
  • No Odor: Regular dosing aids in total elimination of odor from sinks and drains.
  • Simple & Labour Saving: Just one dosing per day per drain, no additional manpower needed.


Probiotic Drain Declogger

ProKlean GreaseKlear is an all natural grease removing concentrate containing powerful probiotics which wipes away the grease, leaving behind a sparkling surface. It also neutralises toxic substances and heavy pollutants apart from eliminating odour.


  • Drain Blockages Removed: Pipes flow freely as drain blockages are removed
  • Totally Hygienic: Harmful bacteria and pathogens are suppressed
  • No Odour: Odour totally eliminated from drains and pipes
  • Cost Effective: No additional manpower and only one dosing per day


  • Shock dosing: For the first week of use please pour 2 litres/drain of undiluted GreaseAway every night.
  • Regular dosing: Pour 1 litre/drain of undiluted GreaseAway evey night before retiring for the day.