ProCharta has introduced first of its kind product for application in pulp & water processing during delignification and bleaching stage. These proprietary probiotic formulations come in the form of an array of readily biodegradable products meant for diverse stages of bleaching.

Proklean Technologies has developed an unique, first-in-the-world proprietary technology under the ProCharta umbrella for paper industry. ProCharta formulations use a combination of naturally occurring Probiotic microbes, certain organic ingredients and a proprietary fermentation & formulation process to produce the final products.

  • Formulation is a consortium of bio-chemicals
  • Non-toxic and readily bio-degradable
  • Not an enzyme-based product
  • Can be stored at ambient temperatures
  • One-year shelf life
  • No change required in process conditions
  • Can be applied at a broad pH and temperature range
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Cooking Aid

First of its kind non foaming Cooking Aid solution that is readily bio-degradable and non-toxic while reducing mercaptans by up to 50%.

Unique properties of ProCook are:

  • Not Anthraquinone based
  • Non foaming
  • Increases pulp yield
  • Reduces Kappa number
  • Reduces Active Alkali dosage


Better Profits: Enhances yield and reduces requirements of Cooking Chemicals resulting in improved bottom line

Better Quality: Allows liquor to dissolve lignin and other extractives to achieve lower Kappa Number without degradation of fiber and thereby improves Yield

Better Environment: Reduction of Mercaptan gases by 60 % helps in creating a better environment

Lower Maintenance Cost: Lower levels of Mercaptan gases translates into reduced corrosion thereby saving on maintenance.


ProCooking is dosed at 1 to 1.5 Kg per tonne of wood chips. Active alkali may be reduced by 5 to 8 Kgs per tonne.