Still stuck with dish cleaners that make your dishes duller and not even clean?

Tired of every dish cleaner talking about cleaning but all that they do is leave a dull finish on your dishes? Do you worry about whether you require different dish cleaners for different types of dishes and also whether you wash by hand or machine? Is the life of your dishes reducing with every wash that you do? Now with ProDish all those problems are a thing of the past! With no chemicals, ProDish cleans your dishes by breaking down the dirt and grime, thus leaving a streak-free dish that is long lasting.

ProDish is unmatched in cleaning than any other cleaner as it ::

  • Bio-based non-alkaline dish cleaning liquid
  • Cleans stubborn grease stains, dirt and grime on your utensils
  • Rinses thoroughly, leaving dishes odour free without any residue
  • Low foaming helps in cutting down water usage
  • Sanitises your utensils to keep you safe from germs and viruses
  • ProDish is suitable for all types of utensils. Suitable for Dish Washing Machine and manual hand wash
  • Readily bio-degradable and ecofriendly

Suitable for all types of dishes and also for both manual and machine washing.

Infant & Pet Safe
No harmful residue
powerful cleaning
skin friendly
eco-friendly, non-toxic
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