ProCharta has introduced first of its kind product for application in pulp & water processing during delignification and bleaching stage. These proprietary probiotic formulations come in the form of an array of readily biodegradable products meant for diverse stages of bleaching.

Proklean Technologies has developed an unique, first-in-the-world proprietary technology under the ProCharta umbrella for paper industry. ProCharta formulations use a combination of naturally occurring Probiotic microbes, certain organic ingredients and a proprietary fermentation & formulation process to produce the final products.

  • Formulation is a consortium of bio-chemicals
  • Non-toxic and readily bio-degradable
  • Not an enzyme-based product
  • Can be stored at ambient temperatures
  • One-year shelf life
  • No change required in process conditions
  • Can be applied at a broad pH and temperature range
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Odour Control

ProEnviro is globally the first of its kind formulation developed specifically for the paper industry to control / eliminate odour from the cooking operation by neutralising mercaptans, sulphides and thereby enhance significantly the environment and hygiene in and around a pulp mill

Odour Control: Reduces Mercaptan gases. It cuts down odour generated at cooking stage drastically

Health: Health hazards posed by exposure to mercaptans / sulphides are cut down as emission of these malodorous gases is reduced by 60 %

Costs: ProEnviro can reduce/ replace the Cooking Aid as it has all the properties of a Cooking Aid and further, Active Alkali usage can be reduced by upto 0.5 % resulting in cost savings.


Better Environment: Reduction of mercaptans by 50 %, helps in creating a better environment

Lower Maintenance Cost: Lower levels of sulphide gases translates into reduced corrosion thereby saving on maintenance.

Better Quality: Allows liquor to dissolve lignin and other extractives to achieve lower Kappa Number without degradation of fiber and thereby improves Yield



ProSolve’ is a uniform blend of Bio-dispersant along with a consortium of naturally occurring beneficial microorganism. The fermentation generated exopolysaccharides & other organic acids act as a potent biocide thus eliminates biocides and hypo.

  • Elimination of biocides and hypo
  • Reduction in VFA
  • ORP stabilisation
  • Reduction in SRB
  • Reduction in bad odour in final paper & environment


Elimination of Hypo

Elimination of Strong oxidized biocide

SRB Control

Reduced environment odour

Reduced odour in the Paper

Reduced VFA on the final paper

Positive ORP stabilized in the entire system

Slime not observed on machine surface areas

Improved machine runnability and productivity

Reduced maintenance cost


ProSolve + 126 – Bio-chemical based Probiotic surfactant

ProSolve + 127- A consortium containing consortia of Probiotic microorganisms

Addition ratio : 1:2 ( 126: 127) in pulper or sand trap

ProSolve + 127 : minimum dosage may be suggested in size press preparation tank and krofta Inlet if needed




Odour control in Kraft paper