If you are worried about Your family’s skin, you should be worried about chemicals that go into your detergent.

If you have not thought of the toxic chemicals that go in to making your regular detergent, then its time to read about it….. or just shift to ProFab. Chemical detergents can leave toxic residue on your clothes affecting your family’s skin and health. Whereas, ProFab is a revolutionary fabric detergent made without any harmful chemicals. With Germ Guard Technology it also sanitises your clothes. ProFab is safe for even infant clothing. While doing all this, it is totally eco-friendly too. So you can get worries about your family’s skin out of your mind and also be kind to our only planet.

ProFab does much more than the popular detergents:

  • Cleans dirt and stubborn stains, including food stains
  • Kills Odour with its strong deodorizing action
  • Makes clothes Softer without the need of a conditioner
  • Leaves a fresh and lasting fragrance on clothes
  • Sanitises your clothes to keep you safe from germs and viruses

ProFab is suitable for both cotton and synthetic fabrics. Suitable for washing machine (top load and front load) and manual hand wash.

Infant & Pet Safe
No harmful residue
powerful cleaning
skin friendly
eco-friendly, non-toxic
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I have been using Proklean’s liquid detergent Profab and floor cleaner DeepImpact. Both are very effective, which is surprising given that the products have no harsh chemicals in them. In fact, the floor cleaner has made my floor look shiny within a week of starting usage. I am very happy with both the products.

V Bhandarkar - Mumbai

The detergent is fantastic and the clothes come out really clean. We have decided to switch to this going forward.

Aarthy - Chennai

Today used the ProFab detergent for the first time. The clothes smell CLEAN, including the sportswear. No overpowering fragrance. They are SOFT without having to use any fabric conditioner, which I avoid anyway because of adverse effects. For some reason, there are FEWER WRINKLES too. I am really happy with the outcome.

Amazon Customer on ProFab

I loved ProFab. Used it for doing laundry in the washing machine. After wash, clothes came out soft and clean, and smelled really nice. Would definitely order again and recommend it to others too. Go for this eco-friendly detergent.

Amazon Customer on ProFab

Thanks Proklean Technologies for providing the latest world class technolgy in Laundry Cleaning without colour and artificial Fragrance. The product to be used to experience it and once a customer will always a customer for ‘PROFAB’. Thanks once again for making me a part of cleaner and greener environment. I wish the company comes out with other household cleaners.

Varun T M

What a fabulous product. Great and very smooth on clothes, wonderful aroma that stays on the clothes much after they dry giving a fresh feeling. Best is that it is eco friendly. Thanks so much for bringing this product

Amazon Customer on ProFab

I would like to thank the Proklean Technologies company for promoting such a Natural based Non-Alkaline detergent cum sanitizer market in the current Covid situation.Using this product has really increased the brightness a lot with garment cleaning and the fabric is much more soft than before. So this is really unique product.

Bijan Kumar Roy

Excellent product. Removes the dirt very effectively and fabric is brighter than that of detergent wash. Nature loving, environmental friendly. No fear of corrosion. The washing machine has no foul smell now.

Pradeep S Mantagi

Great product. My washing machine use to smell a lot when I used washing powder, after using this smell disappeared. Great product.