Are you cleaning your glass but leaving a layer of toxic chemicals on them?

Regular glass cleaners are made with toxic chemicals that clean, but leave toxic residues. Do not let your family’s health at risk…just shift to ProGloss Glass Cleaner. ProGloss is a unique Glass cleaner and sanitiser made using our unique bio-based technology. It’s unique Germ Guard Technology not just cleans, it also sanitises. Also, being readily biodegradable, it is planet friendly.

Now have a truly clean and safe home!

ProGloss offers unmatched benefits :

  • It’s unique formula offers Quick Shine without any streaks.
  • It cuts down Grease and Dirt, leaves no oily residue and Reduces Resoiling.
  • Can be used on Multiple Surfaces including kitchen counter tops, appliances, and fixtures.
  • It is also Gentle on the surfaces Improving the Life of your valuable home, as it does not contain harsh chemicals.
Infant & Pet Safe
No harmful residue
powerful cleaning
skin friendly
eco-friendly, non-toxic
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