Sustainability for us is part of everything we do. In fact, it is the reason why the company was founded – to make innovative products that help make this world more sustainable.

Our Approach

We believe sustainability is part of everything that we do which reflects in all our raw materials being readily biodegradable and not just that, our proprietary manufacturing process is a low energy, sustainable process with almost zero impact on the environment. Our product development strategy also works towards developing products that have no / minimal changes to existing processes to boost adoption and also save costs for our consumers. We also take the safety of our people and the people using our products in industries or households very seriously, which is why all our products achieve safety of the highest standards and are safe even for infants!

Proprietary Probiotic Technology – A step towards ‘Zero Discharge’ of synthetic chemicals

Value Proposition





Upto 20% Water Saving

Upto 20% Energy Saving

Upto 30% Reduction in Effulent Load

Upto 15% Reduction in Processing Time

Upto 40% Reduction in Chemicals Used