ProAvita’s contribution to the textile industry comes in the form of an array of readily biodegradable products meant for diverse stages of textile processing. The unique features of these products deliver multiple benefits.

ProAvita provides tangible benefits

15-20% Water Saving

15-20% Energy Saving

30%+ Reduction in Effluent Load

10-15% Reduction in Processing Time

40%+ Reduction in Chemicals Used

ProAvita range has strong edge over other technology products

Least Favourable Most Favourable
Environment-friendly Chemicals Enzymes Probiotics
Cost of manufacturing Enzymes Probiotics Chemicals
Flexibility of application Enzymes Chemicals Probiotics
Stability of the product Enzymes Chemicals, Probiotics
Value to end-consumer# Chemicals Enzymes Probiotics

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ProAvita has a product for your entire Process Cycle

Certified ‘Safe & Green’ by third parties